Five Year Anniversary Exhibition
Charles Ramsburg: On the Wall

Thomas McAnulty: Recent Works
Hedy O'Beil: Recent Paintings
David Cerulli: On the Wall

Robin Gaynes-Bachman: Glitter and Good Times
Angela Valeria: On the Wall

Karen Green Recor: Transitions
Arnold Wechsler: The Door Closed and Open
Liz Curtin: On the Wall

What You See Is What You Get

Bill Richards: Streamed Space Paintings
Flo Fox and Len Speier: Disco Ball
Marilyn Sontag: On the Wall

Works on Walls

Gerson Leiber: Rites of Spring - A Modernist View of Nature
Arnold Wechsler: On the Wall

Charles Ramsburg: Drawings & Sculpture
Looking Beyond: Group photography show guest curated by Sara Petitt
Thomas McAnulty: On the Wall

5 X 5 X 100
Lynn Gall: Recent Work