July 31 to August 18, 2014

What You See Is What You Get

As the counterpoint to the Gallery’s Works on Walls group show from the beginning of summer 2014, What You See Is What You Get will explore representational or figurative art and its varied expressions and interpretations in a range of media. Departing from common notions of “representational” or “figurative” and the idea of the traditional portrait or fruit bowl still life, the works in What You See Is What You Get will challenge and delight the viewer with variety and scope. Reconceptualizing reality, the viewer peers into Sheila Schwid’s street scenes, bustling with glimpses of humanity, while Henriette Simon Picker’s Coney Island beckons to the whimsical days of summer. The sumptuous hyper reality of Edward Fausty’s nighttime photographs stand in contrast to the ethereal elegance of Larry Davis’s photographs, while Margo Mead’s painting The Coming of Pandora reprises the artist’s cautionary theme of ecological awareness. Whether painting, photography or sculpture, the pieces explore and push the boundaries of representation in its many forms.

Exhibiting artists include:  Angela Valeria, Arnold Wechsler, Carol Massa, Charles Ramsburg, David Cerulli, Edward Burden, Edward Fausty, Ellen Wallenstein, Flo Fox, Henriette Simon Picker, John Folchi, John Whittaker, Kate Missett, Larry Davis, Lindsay, Liz Curtin, Luis Stephenberg, Margo Mead, Olivia Beens, Robin Gaynes Bachman, Sara Petitt, Sheila Schwid, and Thomas McAnulty.