Mitchell Lewis

Mitchell Lewis, b. 1947, studied painting at Hunter College in New York City, earning a BA and MA under the tutelage of Ralph Humphrey and Robert Huot. Originally trained in the minimalist school of painting in the 1970s, he was influenced by artist lecturers at Hunter, including Robert Motherwell, Helen Frankenthaler, and Tony Smith. After starting out as a hard-edge geometric painter, Lewis spent the last 40 years freeing himself from those constraints and exploring his intuitive nature.

Mitchell Lewis focuses on motifs and shapes that have played a part in his personal and artistic history, exploring human sensuality and the relationship between men, women and the environment. Using vivid color that accentuates his pieces, the work exhibits an almost hieroglyphic quality, at once inviting and frustrating the viewer to try and decipher its personal message. Lewis’ enjoyment of art and its making is evident in the self described “fun” quality of his paintings.

He has exhibited in New York, including in shows juried by curators from the Whitney.


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July 11- July 31, 2019
The Small Works Show

April 5 - 26, 2018
The World Is Not Flat

February 8 - March 1, 2018
Big Love

July 28, 2016
8 x 8 x 100

January 7 - 28, 2016
Recent Works

July 9 to 30, 2015
12x12 Group Exhibition

May 29 to June 19, 2014
Works on Walls

May 30 to July 3, 2013
Mitch Lewis: Connections