July 9 to 30, 2015

12 x 12 Group Exhibition

The Carter Burden Gallery is pleased to announce the opening of a summer group exhibition 12 x 12 from July 9th to July 30th. The opening reception will be held July 9, 2015 from 6 – 8 PM. The nonprofit Gallery highlights re-emerging professional artists who are increasingly overlooked for exhibiting their work, due to age. The exhibition runs through July 30th at 548 West 28th Street in New York City. The Gallery hours are Tuesday-Friday, 11am-5pm, Saturday 11am-6pm.

All of the artists created artwork using the same 12” x 12” canvas. The resulting paintings, photographs, sculpture, and collages vary drastically, highlighting their diverse strengths as artists. The pieces have been priced at $200 to be accessible to first time collectors. In the 12 x 12 group exhibition the Carter Burden Gallery will exhibit the work of fifty-two artists: Barbara Arum, Jonathan Bauch, John Beardman, Olivia Beens, Claire Boren, Arnold Brooks, Myrna Burks, David Cerulli, Marilyn Church, Alicia Clarens, Liz Curtin, Mike FilanLynn Gall, Azita Ghafouri, Basia Goldsmith, Karen Green Recor, Mary Rieser Heintjes, Cassandra Jennings Hall, Helen Levin, Mitchell Lewis, Lindsay, Susan Lisbin, Robert Ludwig, Katinka Mann, Carol Massa, Thomas McAnulty, Margo Mead, Rifka Milder, Irmari Nacht, Darrell Nettles, Hilda O'Connell, Sara Petitt, Robert Petrick, Jean Promutico, Charles Ramsburg, Lester Rapaport, Emily Rich, Cari Rosmarin, Vera Sapozhnikova, Diane Schneck, Sheila Schwid, Hanna Seiman, Leslie Shaw Zadoian, Susan Skoorka, Marilyn Sontag, Stephen Spiller, Ronnie Tuft, Marlena Vaccaro, Angela Valeria, Blossom VerlinskyEllen Wallenstein, Anna H. WalterArnold Wechsler, and John Whittaker. It is the Gallery’s first time exhibiting the work of eleven of these artists.