July 18 to August 15, 2013

Claire Boren: Paintings
Emily Rich: Paintings
Marion Lane: Sculpture
Robert Petrick: On the Wall

Claire Boren

Claire Boren’s paintings are thickly layered, expressive works that reveal a creative process that is both boldly intuitive and finely controlled. Her recent work explores abstraction, using layered applications with a variety of media that obscure and transform the underpainting into a vehicle for tension and depth. 


Emily Rich

Emily Rich uses the language of abstraction in her paintings to explore the changing environment, from the destruction of the shorelines and beaches to the kinetic energy of a city that never sleeps. Rich adroitly integrates a palette of bold and subtle colors, applied as if engaging in an artistic tango that is both passionate and deliberate. 


Marion Lane

Marion Lane uses abstraction as a means of confronting inner chaos, wherein destruction and creation merge. Lane’s sculptures bend hard materials into fluid and organic shapes, often reminiscent of delicate textiles or paper, confounding their substance and delighting the senses.


Robert W. Petrick

On the Wall, the public installation space immediately outside the gallery, featured a unique art installation created by Robert Petrick. Petrick used an energetic abstract style to create a one-of-a-kind installation sure to capture the eye and senses.