July 16 to August 16, 2012

3 at 307: David CerulliEmily RichMarilyn Sontag

3 at 307 highlights the work of painter and mixed media artist Marilyn Sontag, painter and sculptor David Cerulli and painter and illustrator Emily Rich. The artists were asked to “Choose a wall, commit to two weeks of painting in the open with each other, and exhibit the work that resulted.”

Sontag will explore the improvisational quality of the public workspace. Cerulli’s plan is to continue his abstraction series combining sculpture-making methods with paintings. Rich will revisit elements from past work while embracing the spontaneity of a group energy.

Working in a communal space while being filmed, photographed, and interviewed by both gallery staff and gallery visitors will provide a creative as well as emotional challenge to artists accustomed the solitude and sanctity of their studios. After two weeks of generating pieces in the space, the gallery will host an opening reception of the work that results from the experience.