Barbara Coleman

Barbara Coleman, b. 1937, was born and raised in New York City, and attended Marymount College in New York City on an art scholarship, as well as studying at Hunter College. A student of Mark Rothko, she was also influenced by Willem de Kooning, Joan Mitchell, contemporary Japanese art, Tantra art, and art from India and the American Marvel Comics Group. Possessing the true spirit of an artist, she has spent her life engaged in the arts. In addition to working on her own paintings, she was also one of the founders of the feminist art gallery Soho20.

Her large abstract paintings harness contrasting elements into harmonious visual experiences that are at once lyrical and joyful, yet full of depth and complexity.  Coleman uses organic curves and calligraphic forms as illuminating counterpoints to the geometric and angular shapes. These gestural forms are at times slow and expressive and in other instances pure bold bravado. Coleman’s palette is both vibrant and nuanced. She uses both color and brushwork to impart sensations of fluctuating opacity and translucency. Her use of shape and tone communicate a sense of depth and movement. All of these elements converge in perfect balance in an elaborate visual journey.

Coleman was the first artist to exhibit her work in a solo show at the new Carter Burden Gallery space in 2013. In addition to solo and group exhibitions, her work is held by museums, corporate and private collections.




May 29 to June 19, 2014
Works on Walls